Yoga In Daily Life


Sadhaka : Is it necessary to practise Yoga living in total seclusion only? I am a housewife. Can I practise Yoga along with my other duties and obligations?

Swamiji : Ever be conscious of what purpose you are to fulfil in life. Know that the whole meaning of life is the utilising of its every moment to attain the supreme purpose. Yoga is union with the Divine. If you live your life in constant inner union with the Divine through a link of genuine love for the Supreme, then whatever you may do, wherever you may be, and in whatever manner you may be living, you are living a life of Yoga; for you are living with God, and you are at one with God in your inner life. Such a life of conscious effort to be for ever united with Him in love and devotion is Divine Life, a life of Yoga. If you are consciously trying to draw nearer and nearer to Him day by day, then you are living a life of Yoga, no matter what shape your external life might take.

Everything has to be offered to God in worship and worship cannot be impure. Therefore, all your activities should be based upon truth, honesty and purity. Then those activities, when offered to God in worshipfulness, become Yoga. While doing her housework, the wife should dedicate everything that she does to God. She should say, “O Lord, for Thy love, for Thy glory, this is worship.”